Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A day with my 2 baobei

Everytime when i see my 2 babies, i will thank god for them...they are absolutely divine...i say this even though sometimes Damien pushes me to the limit...he is super cheeky and loves to challenge my authority now...and the best part is I'M the ONE that is spoiling him rotten...yes yes, it's ME...officially, daddy is the bad guy and i'm the good one...Hub asked me the other day: How will i handle the situation when Damien decides to throw tantrum in public coz i didm't want to buy what he wants?...i told hub calmly that it will not happen coz before Damien can even tells me what he wants...i would have asked him already and bought it for him :)

Honestly, i can imagine Hubby to be the one with the cane and me, just mucking around with the kids and probably covering up for them....yes, i know it's wrong and i'm trying my best to be strict with them and correct them when they're wrong...but when i see their pitiful face, i will crave in...have to ask my mum how she did it with the 4of us...she is super strict with us...she buay sim tia when she used the cane on us meh?....hmmmm....must ask her.


Colon Hydrotherapy said...

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We Are Our Mummy's Baobeis said...

Hey babe, i oso same as u leh. Before they can even say they wan it, i will be asking "Baby, u want this?" We know it's not right but... we just cannot control loving our kids in "this way". haha... i can understand that. U r not alone. hee :D