Monday, August 31, 2009

Step Relationship

I think the toughest job on earth is to be other's step-mum...I am one to a 8yr old gal...and it SUCKS big time at times...i HATE it, hate it, hate seems that I'm NEVER GOOD enough...always biased, always unfair...even when myself & my entire family (this i meant: my mum, dad, 2 sisters and brother) shower her with heaps of attention and love, it's never enough...she wants more and's like she wants 200%...then how about Damien & Debbie??? i'm so sick and tired of her complains and her BLACK FACE...i don't even want to go into my hubby coz that will make my blood boil...stupid man!!!!

All i can say is that this is my fate and if i can help it, i wouldn't want my Debbie to be other's's a freaking lousy job with 0 returns.

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Ong Mei said...

Come on take it easy. Every or any type of relationship is always not easy. Always rememeber this are fated.

Do the best you can. I teach u if she give u black face, then turn your head to debbie and everything will melt at ur heart.

i guess it had been some time u didnot talk to me. let me find some time to "educate" u.
PS: Is FOC specially to u.