Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I was in the bus on my way to work this morning, when it stopped at a red light...Then i saw grandpa pushing a stroller with grandma strolling besides him with a toddler in her arms...At that moment, they really reminds me of my mum and dad with Debbie...esp my daddy being an ambitious and astute businessman in his late 50s (he still is one) is hardly the "hands-on" dad...preferring to leave all domestic affairs to mum...He is always busy with work and stuff...Mum had complained that he hardly carry us or help out when we were babies...However, he's a "changed" man now...wahahahaha :)

Every morning, he will bring Debbie to the kopitiam where he had his kopi...mum said that he will order a toast set for Debbie coz he said that Debbie loves the kaya and butter toast...hahahaha...after that, in between her naps and meals, it will be an hour in the hour in Sheng Siong...another hour in Money-Max, Maxi-Cash, Woodlands Waterfront, Shop-In etc etc etc....after each of their mini outings, Debbie will never fail to have tiny bags of keropok clutched in her hands...She loves Glico Strawberry pocky (**roll eyes**) the most...imagine she can finish stick after stick...if you ask me whether i mind when my parents allows Debbie those kinds of tidbits...i seriously don't mind a single bit...i know those are not the healthiest kind of food around or food that you will give to a 1 year old...but honestly, it's no big deal provided she drank heaps of water after...i mean, seriously, these are childhood memories...i remembered myself holding tightly to my precious packets of mamee and the grape bubblegums many years back...just seems like yesterday :O

Debbie is lucky in a sense that she is able to have this bond with mum and dad as both of them are taking care of her whilst me and hub are at work...mum and dad are also exposing her to different languages such as Malay and dialects now...Damien is all along at home or if not, in school...hehehe :) Whatever it is, i am so glad that both Damien and Debbie are able to light up my daddy's life :)

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