Sunday, June 28, 2009

Diapers from Japan

My sis, Jen, was telling us that many of the flying mums that she flew with like to buy diapers from Japan for their on a trip there, she brought back 2 packs of diapers...1 pack for my younger sis bb due in sept and 1 pack for Debbie...Brand is "KAO (Hua Wang in chinese) Merries" this morning, i opened up the pack and let Debbie wear...the diaper is so soft...i mean amazingly amazingly SOFT...nothing like Pampers and Mamy Poko...and after 4hrs...the diaper, heavy of urine, feels super dry when u touch a luxury to Debbie's and Mr.K backside...definately, will get hubby to stock up when he flies there.

Sam, i still have an opened pkt of NB mamy poko diapers...dun want to let Debbie wear liao now she is wearing KAO Merries...hohoho...will pass to you for Mr.K :)

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