Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tired beyond words

Sorry, didn't managed to update my blog for the past week...it was pure sheer exhaustion for me...my boy was down with high fever and infection on his left eye just when i'm barely out of my confinement...on the eve of Debbie's full month, hub and me rushed him to KKH late at night...we saw his PD in the morning but the medication doesn't work on him and he seems to be getting worse...we didn't want to take any chance...Docs over at A&E said that he is down with a viral infection...(p/s: i managed to find time in the afternoon to go distribute Debbie's full month cake while my hub took care of Damien)

On Debbie's full month, his temp was like yoyo...up and down...as i was busy taking care and monitoring him, hub brought Debbie to the temple with my MIL instead...i didn't even participate in the prayers stuff as Damien was like a koala bear, clinging tightly onto me...he was still running a temp on the 3rd day...my SIL who was a midwife advised me that it's time to switch his med as KKH med doesn't seems to work on him as well...so we decided to give him the pink children panadol...it was in tablet form...so we smashed it and mixed with water before we gave him...Viola!! his temp came down within 2hrs from 39.2 degrees to 37.8 degrees...i was so happy...

He is getting better now...and he is back to his active self...i was on auto-pilot the last few days...feeding him med, sponging him, taking temp...on top of all these, i also have an infant on hand...heng ar, my Debbie is super super guai...she wakes up only for milk and then she will go back to sleep...not a single cry from her...i think she knows that her kor kor is sick and need my attention...Qi is able to handle Debbie on her own now...so most of Debbie's stuff, i will leave it to her too...you should see how she handle Debbie...really like a pro man...i'm truly very proud of her....

Hub managed to snap some pics here and there...will upload them ASAP...gotto go now...time for dinner...till then, take care!

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