Friday, June 5, 2009

Headache! Headache!

Guess cols has informed me that our office lease at PSA will be up soon and the management has made the decision not to extend the lease and thus, we will be moving to Tampines in Oct...oh gosh!...i have already signed my boy up @ MMI PSA...guess i have to look for another center for him...hmmmm...reallie shang now jin leh!...

1 more week to go before Debbie's full month...after that, FREEDOM!!!...hehehe...Time passes so fast!! Will scout for a good childcare center for mien in Yishun area with hub after my confinement...i've got so many things that i want to do after my confinement...first thing first, my medi/pedi session next toe nails very long gao wei...Hub and me also planning to bring Qi and Damien to the Zoo the following week...aiyooo....can't wait for my confinement to be over soon :p

Btw, hub's cousin has introduced me to this website service, , where u can rent any toys that are featured in the website for up to a's really cool coz then your baby/tots will have a variety of toys to play with...and you can just return them when they lose interest...and it's not so taxing on our pockets too brilliant!...i have been renting toys from them for Damien and i must say that their toys are all in very good conditions and thumbs up for their excellent service too...yeah!!!

LeapFrog Learn-Around Playground from

Playskool Magic Screen Palm-Size Learner from

Damien & Debbie

Mommy, can i have some privacy plsss???

Mommy and Debbie

Debbie @ 3Weeks

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