Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just Mummy & Damien

Yest was the first time that i brought mien out myself...stroller and all...previously, i always had him in BB Bjorn when i brought him out myself as i do not know how to manage him with a stroller...So yest, i booked a cab...when the cab arrived, i put my bag and him in the cab first and told him to sit quietly while i stored the stroller in the boot...him being super duper active, i was praying that he will listen to me and sit still inside the cab alone...and he did...when i got back to him, he was clutching my bag tightly and looking out for me...he did the same thing when we reached our destination...hehehehe...this had gave me the confidence to venture out with him without yy liao...i didn't want to bring Debbie out unless necessary with the flu thing going on yy has to stay in with her...woohoo!!!

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