Thursday, July 23, 2009


It's funny that my boy doesn't like to watch anything else except Hi5...we have subscribed SCV Disney channels at home...but he's not interested...Okto channel also not interested...only Hi5...he'll be so impatient everytime when the player is reading the disc...and once it start, he will be so engrossed in it...actually, also good coz everytime when me or yy need a break, we'll just play the disc for him...i think he like Charlie and jur jur the most coz he'll get ever so excited when he sees them...

As for Debbie, besides her feeds and sleep, she has unlimited access listening to her sis and brother's should see how Qi play catching with Damien...and also how Damien will go up to her, hugging and kissing her...Qi will then shriek in delight and disgust over his saliva on her...hahahahaha...all these moments are really priceless...even though they are step-siblings, you can see the bond between them...of course, there is a fair share of jealousy and sibling's rivalry...but when they are together, it's really amazing and magical :)

Mummy & Debbie doing "Tummy Time"

Damien watching Hi5


Michelle Ng said...

wow, see debbie's leg, soooo solid. Good work mummy. :)

Anonymous said...

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