Monday, July 13, 2009

@ the Zoo

I had fun last did hub and the kids...we were at the zoo on saturday and my dad's shop on sunday...Qi really enjoyed being a cashier there :) I'm already re-charged to take on the week...woohoo!

The infamous white tiger

Boat Ride

"See daddy, a mermaid..."

Tram Ride

Tea-break @ Ah Meng Cafe...their nasi lemak, indian nan with curry chix and homemade ice lemon tea v.yummy...

Qi & Damien with their shack butler

@ the souvenir shop...told the kids they can only buy 1 item each...mien chose a parrot candy stick and...

Qi chose stickers

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Michelle Ng said...

Babe, u nv bring them to the kidsworld? It's so much fun there.