Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hair Loss

I have been suffering from hair loss ever since Debbie starts to "phew" and play with her hair loss is astonishing *groan!*...i've took a pic of how much hair i've lost with each hair wash but i didn't want to post it on my blog coz it's super disgusting...dun say hair wash, my hair will drop even with the slightest touch...yikesssss! so scary...i hoped that Debbie will stop phewing her saliva soon...coz according to myth, that's when my hair will stop dropping...

Another reason that explains my hair loss is probably my customer...i have this customer, lets call her X, who is super unreasonable...i received a call from her when i was on my way home yesterday at 6.45pm...the conversation flow as follow:

X: Raquel, you are not in office? (she heard the MRT door beeping in the background)

Me: No, i'm on my way home...

X: Huh, so early???

Me: i start work everyday at 7am...i've to rush home to take care of my youngest is
only 4mths hubby is outstation and left my maid only leh (@$*^*#$^*@^@*)

X: i also got children

Me: How old are they? (i asked her sarcastically)

X: secondary school liao

Me: (inside me:@#*@($*@#) anyway, wat's up?

X: i need you to check if you have this stock on hand to support me

Me: Ok, you give me 1/2hr...when i reached home, i will logon to the system and check for you

X: ok, i will be expecting your call then....

I was fuming was her choice to work late and not go home to her children...but i feel that she should not imposed this on others...for me, my family comes first especially so when my hubby is not around...this really help to make up my mind to retire from the workforce in a few years time...i hope that i don't have many customer like her...okie, i'm done with my complaining..going back to work :)

Have a good day guys!


Michelle Ng said...
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Michelle Ng said...

Oh i din know that when they phew saliva it means our hairs gonna drop. The elderly over my side have another story thou. They says it's going to rain if babies phew with their saliva. haha... Anyway, hair loss after birth is inevitable la. I've also have the idea of taking pic of the amount of hair i lost after each hair wash n on my pillow every morning when i wake up, but thats simply scary. haha... Im still experiencing this. :( My hair line have gone higher, like going to bald liao in front. hahaha

Timothy Chua Ming Suang said...

Me too! Still dropping!!