Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back to Business

Hi all, Sept just flew pass and it's the month of October oh my...however, i'm indeed looking fwd to this brand new month...brand new beginning...yeah!...So it's back to school for Damien on Monday and i've been back at work since last thursday after doc gave them the all-clear the day far so good :)

I was watching telly last sun nite when Yayuk suddenly turned to me and ask me if i ever considered pulling Damien out from childcare...i was surprised at her question and asked her why she asked...she told me that she is worried coz she didn't know if the childcare feed him well or really take good care of him and she heartpain when Damien falls sick...she also said that she is able to cope with Debbie and Damien problem for her...wahhhhh!!!....i was happy when i hear that..Hub and myself had tried on a few occasions to leave her alone with the kids and she has proven that she is able to cope...on top of finishing all her hse chores, she is still able to cook dinner...i dunno how she do it but i'm happy to have her with us :)

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Timothy Chua Ming Suang said...

It's lucky to have such a maid who can perform n at d se time concern abt d kids. My maid also doted on my daughter.