Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My lost Baggage

Share something funny with u guys...i was shopping with Damien on Sunday when i saw some shorts that i liked...so i picked a few pieces and headed to the fitting room with him...i was so engrossed that i didn't realised that he had crawled over to the next cubicle thru the partition gap...it was only when i heard a loud gasp from the lady who was in the cubicle next to me that i realised that my Damien is next door...hahahahahahaha....i think he had a "free show"....luckily, it was a young lady...hehehehehe....so i quickly zipped up my shorts, went over and knocked at her door....i apologised profusely and claimed back my lost baggage...she was nice and we had a good laugh over it :)

Anyway, to side track, i was shocked when i saw only one miserable blog entry so far this month...to my dear frens who are following my blog, so sorry as i'm busy at work...but i'll make an effort to update more frequently...here are some recent pics of my 2 baobeis :)

My Debbie is really a big big contrast to her kor kor...She is so smiley and her kor kor doesn't like to smile...

Auntie Zoey, do u like this pic? it's for you...Muak! :p

@ Xiaoyi's house...i'm on Cayden BB bouncer :)

A classic example - 1 laughing, 1 crying

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Michelle Ng said...

Whahahhah the fitting room part is so funny. And duno isit the younger child will be more smiley? Here goes the same on my xan b xav, n some of my frens kids too, the younger one r more smiley AND they have got a more SERIOUS temper than the elder one. haha... And debbie is soooooooooooo ..... See her thigh, aiyo. I wanna cuddle her manz.