Sunday, October 25, 2009

My choice on Sunday - Vivo City

Finally, i chose Vivo over Science Center...expected...coz shopping mah...kekeke...didn't bring Debbie along today as kaka brought her out the whole day yesterday...i didn't want to tired her hubby stood in as nanny today whilst i brought Damien and Yayuk out 4 a day of shopping...Together wif my 2 sis and the newly minted Cayden boy, we had a nice but tiring day @ Vivo :)
Sam & her BB Cayden

Pitstop @ SuperDog

Dunno y Damien is so onz showing his belly button to the shoppers...nothing very special about his belly button lei :-

Shopping starts here!

"Cuse me, have my size?"

Got the sundies for Damien

Got the flower beanie from Mothercare for Debbie...

Going back to get a red one for her soft, comfy and nice :>

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