Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wonderful Wonderful Weekend

I think these past 2days are by far the nicest weekend...Debbie and I spent a wonderful afternoon with Hub shopping in Forum on Saturday...Debbie is absolutely a darling n she's really fuss-free...Damien was snoozing away at home after his hard-core partying on Friday normally "$$$ conscious" hubby did not stop me when i went gaga in Ralph Lauren...he was always telling me to tighten my belt after CNY after spending a bomb on the kids...but i couldn't resist picking up a dress for Debbie and a shorts for Damien...wahahahaha...after picking up some stuff from Toys R'Us, i had the best nuggets and french fries from MacDonald's...i swear it's the best...

Guess what, Hubby seeing how much i luvs shopping, brought me out again in the evening...this time round, with AMK Hub...totally's much much easier now when the kids are when i asked hubby when are we going to try for bb no#3...he starts to fumble for an excuse...hahahahha...i can see that he is starting to enjoy himself with the kids now and is not ready to care for another to michelle and hub...steady pom pi-pi with bb no#3 on the way :)

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