Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meet-the-Parents Session

Attended Damien's MTP session 2 weeks back...his teacher commented that he is a sweet-nature child who enjoy hugging and kissing his little friends (esp..1 female classmate)...hahahaha...i realised this myself too...even though, he is cheeky most of the time while Debbie is more laid-back, i find that he is more "calm & bochap"as compared to should see how loud Debbie is when she is joke man....There was one incident whereby my downstairs neighbour took the lift up and knock on my unit to investigate when she heard Debbie's cries...that was how loud she was...scary right? Daddy told her that she's just like her mummy....hahahahaha :p

Other comments: Almost 4months in the childcare, he is settling in nicely and is able to follow the routine/instructions quite well...not much of crying or demands to be carried now...course, there were times where the teachers have to like repeat the instructions 4 or 5 times before my boy caught it during lesson time...hehehe...the only challenge that his teacher has with him is during mealtime...he is most disruptive then...always putting his hands into his drinking cup/pushing away his food that he doesn't like/refusing to open his mouth/refusing to drink h2O/hitting the table...challenging rite? hehehehe...he's sometimes like this at home...other times, he is quite manageable when comes to mealtime...i told Yayuk this and know what she says? she said that of course Damien will behave like this coz who will eat or open their mouth to eat those things that they don't like...gua! gua! gua! she is so defensive when comes to my mien mien...hahahaha...hmmmmm...i must think of ways to correct his mealtimes bad habits...

That's about all his teachers commented on far so good :) I'm praying hard that his body is fast adjusting to this group setting environment and that he will not fall sick so often.

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