Saturday, December 5, 2009

Damien's First Year-End Concert @ Endeavour Primary School

Just got back from momsie...I'm still so full from dinner that i couldn't sleep...mummy always make it a point to cook our favourite food when we visit...that's my darling mummy :)

Anyway, my whole clan (+ my relatives) turned up in full force yesterday @ Endeavour Primary School to lend our support to my little giant who is performing for the very first time...i was mentally prepared that he was going to cry...he nearly did...but he didn't....heng arrrr! The event was very well put together...well-organised, colourful and entertaining...there was a mini buffet at the end of the concert too...we had a great time despite the horrendous rain :)

P/S: My sis, Sam, started to cry when she saw Damien performing...she couldn't believe that Damien has already grown up so fast :>

Viewing pics of his full dress rehearsals before the concert...of course, the pics are up for grabs @ $3/pc :>

Can you spot my darling boy?

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