Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm so in love with Combi's product now...i was shopping with a friend the other day and she was hunting high and low for Combi's weaning spoon...we couldn't find that in Mothercare and being tired from all the walking, i told her to just grab other brands...she told me die die also must get Combi's...i asked her whether is it that good...she told me to get one since Debbie is on semi solid now and try it out (p/s: i'm using Avent)...finally, we got hold of it in Mums&Babes...i bought one myself and eversince, i'm SOLD...it's really that good...the very rubberised tip makes feeding so much easier and most importantly, it's gentle on the baby's gum :) Strongly recommended :)

I'm amazed by their teethers and drinking cup too...even though, it's quite expensive...but their products really got standard...Hubby is going to Narita on X'mas eve...i'm going to make sure he bring an empty suitcase with him for my long shopping list...wahahahahaha...aiya, not for my desired Burberry Blue Label la (hint! hint!)...hehehe...for the kids diapers and combi's products...okie, going to sms hubby to go read my blog now...Have a nice day guys :)


Aunty Ginger said...

excuse me, I think you mean Avent... not Avnet.

Raquel Ang ~ Damien's & Debbie's Mummy said...

alamak...hahahaha....yeah yeah!
thinking of work when i post this entry :p

Ong Mei said...

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