Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dinner at Park Royal Hotel @ Beach Road

Two days ago, i met up with some of my ex-cols from TOA for dinner. We went to this chinese restaurant (i cannot remember the name) in Park Royal Hotel for their al la carte buffet dinner. It was really nice that once in a while, we will meet up and swap juicy nitty gritty details...ya la ya's gossipping la.....hehe. But it was really nice and everyone had a wonderful time. Yong was the only guy (but believe me, he doesn't feel out of place). In fact, he was so at home. His antenna busy picking up all the gossips which was flying all around..haha...Too bad Jeslin and Kevin could not make it...Another time ba!

Serene and Moi

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mag said...

WONDER HOW COME ALL WEAR BLACK AND WHITE? JAP STYLE IZIT? well while the gossipi on going me and diamond were at home looking at the fishes and planning on our next shopping list..just cant wait2bri him along2shop for resident for our home tank.
why not post sm pic in your blog of our tank..heehee..