Sunday, July 27, 2008

Xiaoyi's B'Day

Yesterday was my younger sis, Samantha's, b'day...hubby and i brought damien back to my mum's hse for steamboat dinner to celebrate her b'day...clearly, damien was the center of attention...he stole the limelight from his bu qi xiaoyi ;p...

Me & Ah ma

Me & Ah ma again

Me & Ah Ma (again) & Xiaoyi

Me & Ah ma (4th time) & Dayi

My xiaoyi hugging me tight tight (OMG..roll eyes!)

I give up!!!!!

1 comment:

mag said...

in syd and it rains like nobody business here.cold and windy too. usually at this time ill starts to miss all of you under the cold bitter windy winter here.

glad its only a short trip. call time here is damn early so will slp early too.

in exe lounge now and usually ill chk your blog whenever i hv chance to log into internet.

he sure looks cute with his hippy cap.ill take care of him when back ok so that you can hv good rest for your work.

ok looking fwd to your new posting..chio gorgeous mama..