Monday, July 28, 2008

@ my dad's shop

Time flies, my MIL has been back to Penang for 9 days liao...she will be coming back this hubby is away on flight, i took 2 days leave to take care of bb...hubby will be back tomorrow evening...i brought damien to my dad's shop in woodlands today...we spend the whole day there...can see that my mum and dad dotes on him and misses him when they don't get to see him...mum keep on asking me to bring him to the shop tomorrow...hao ba...will bring him there again tomorrow...oh btw...damien poopoo in the shop today...and his sai is not hard hard one like last he poooo with ease...hehehe...i'm so happy to see him poopoo :>...mum wanted me to bring damien to see an eye specialist...damien got big small eyes and mum is mil says that it's quite common for bb with big small eyes...and it will be auto-corrected when they are older...damien PD also says his eyes are ok and normal...but mum says must bring damien to see eye's alley her worries, see when hubby is in s'pore, i'll bring damien for checkup ba...


mag said...

time nw is comin to 1am. reason why im stil awake is waiting for your diamond2wakes up for his supper. no point i slp and when he is awake ill be too stone than.

he usually slp very well after his nite shower. good in away at least after his supper he will not wake up till morning.

he made loud sound from sucking his finger. we had sm discussion on him to your dad shop and i hv an idea on how to settle the problem. shall sms u than. ok better stop cos your diamond kekkek liao..

mag said...

jus finished feedi him. wow he whack dry man his milk..but took awhile to burp...can be quite tiring to carry him and try2burp him at the same time. in longer run sure bicep will be bigger...he is like my mini dumb bell heeheheeee....ok goi to bed wit him soon guess his next feed will be aro 5am..good nite.