Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Damien New Stroller

Finally, damien new stroller is here...we just got him a Pliko P3 Peg-Perego...because they do not have the colour i wanted, we got to wait for almost a week to have them delivered to our home...As expected, my ah lao start to nag at me when he heard me asking the maid to keep damien's Quinny inside the storeroom..."what a waste of money...told you already, should not get a quinny..you just wouldn't listen...blah blah blah....blah blah blah...." nag and nag and nag...until i buh tahan...i told him..."if you want to sleep peacefully tonight...you better shut up now"...and Viola....he clammed up....hehehe ;p


Ong Mei said...

tell ur hubby is not waste of $$ however still have 2nd one to come, still can be reuse. afer all u always targetting the 4mth materity leave. (poor yng)

PS: Marc, dont be too nagging, else next year 38 women club we will vote u as the "chairlady" hehehe.. just kidding dont kill me.

michievious said...

Let me know if u intend to sell ur zapp ya. ;)