Friday, September 19, 2008

Mummy with BB Damien

It was one of the few rare occasions that Damien was still awake when i reached home from work...normally, he will call it a day after my MIL bathed him and fed him at 7pm.....Seizing the chance of him being awake, i ask my ah lao to snap some pics of us in bed....goodness...he smell so nice...I'm so addicted to him...yummy!


mag said...

hi dear. in london now. can feel the weather getting colder. winter coming really looks cute when he smile. i always look fwd to see him 1st thing in the morning cos he will always smile 1st to greet me.

hope he is good boy when im not in sin. do take care of yoself ok. dont carry too heavy stuff this period ok. love ya.

mag said...

thks for taking care of the family when im not in sin. i understand that u too very tired after work. ill try to be around more often ok. love ya.