Friday, September 12, 2008

Damien's First Lantern

With my company issuing out discounted tickets to the Chinese Garden for the upcoming Mooncake festival, hubby and i decided to bring the whole family there to soak up the festive atmosphere....before making the trip down to the Chinese Garden, he went to Si Ma Lu to pray to Guanyin niang niang and also to get his version of "Ultra-man" lantern for our boy...i dun think "ultra-man" looks like that...must be he blur blur got a fake one lor....anyway...i'm sure our boy will like it since it's from daddy :p

"Daddy, is that ultra-man?"

1 comment:

Ong Mei said...

i dont understand, u wan him to be a ultra "man" why u dress him like girl girl?? esp the pink line on his cloth.

Oops offended my "mil"....