Sunday, August 31, 2008

9510 (30 Aug - 4D 1st Prize)

My boy's birth cert no# 9510 (ending last 4 digit) came out 1st prize in yesterday 4D draw...I was bathing halfway when my ang came dashing into the toilet with his fist pumping in the air:" yes...i won first prize...damien's birth cert no# came out 1st prize..." i was so shocked...and with my hair still dripping with shampoo....i grabbed a towel and ran after him:'' weiii...dun bluff me ok.." My MIL laughed at me and said: "'s true la...we didn't bluff you.." My MIL is also happy coz she bought his no# ang wants to give me some...i will only take abit...hahaha...and will get him to save the $$$ up for Damien's education use in future :p


Ong Mei said...

u win already lor, offical announce to let other to rob u. Damien this is to teach u, how generous your parent are. Most important, $ is not everything most important is health.

PS; Mdm Ang, u sure is "abit" ????

mag said...

just arrived in here quite warm. just cant wait to go back home(7days tour of duty).

in morning before i leave hse he kekekeke so loud.of course i attacked him straight so cute la him looking at me blur blur after i kisses him chialatchialat.

ok going out for korean dinner.c u later aligator...

mag said...

hi sfo.damn hot over usual awake at the middle of night in usa. will go out jalan jalan on my night stop day.

ill usually eat thai food here. i still remember you brought me to this expensive+high class thai restaurant in sin and the food there also very powerful.

how nice if ur here. than we can go fisherman wraft for seafood cowder and whack their huge crab.

ok you hv nice day and may we huat ahhhh often..

mag said...

hi bb. back to sel. didnt slp well onboard. maybe bcos of excitement due to end of tour of duty.

hows mm at shop? did you let him wear anything weird?

there was this korean baby girl-3yrs old so hyper active and her poor mom got to take care of her almost thru out flt without sleep. worse was she was alone with her baby girl. saw tears in her eyes when we tried to assist her bcos the little girl kept crying. not easy hoh to be parents??

hopefully mm wont be so naughty when grow older.

ok cu guys soon.