Sunday, August 10, 2008

Updates on Damien

Hi guys, just a quick update on BB Damien....brought him for his CT scan last wednesday and also a review with Dr. Quah Boon Long who is the head and specialist in this area....the CT scan result will be out on the 20 Aug which i hope will provide a closure on this....Knowing how worried and anxious we are, Dr. Quah provided some positive feedback that Damien's condition is not cancer which we all have been dreading of...that is a huge instant relief for us....however, his left vision will not be good and he will need to wear specs in future....i'm not too concern in long as he is happy and healthy...i really don't care much about other hubby is is really so precious and fragile....we really do not know what god has in-store for us....after this episode, i really learn how to cherish and appreciate my love ones....other material things are so insignificant to me now....i really feel bad for always throwing tantrums at my hubby ....and not spending enough time with my family....I'm really very fortunate to have very strong family and friends's because of them that we are able to walk thru this....Thanks for keeping us in your prayers....a big thank you....will keep you all posted on the CT scan result....We loved you guys....

Me in KK waiting for my turn

Ah ma and Jiu Jiu lending their moral support

Daddy and Me

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