Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby's Day Out

My hubby and I took Damien to my Dad's shop yesterday...we always look forward to going over to the shop coz that's the place that i grow up and also my mum's maid, Windati, is there...She will carry Damien for hours and bring him go jalan jalan herself...go Sheng Siong...go buy shoes...go buy keropok...haha...My hubby loves it there coz he likes the kopi and ming zian kueh from the kopitiam...Hari Raya Puasa & Deepavali is around the my dad is in the midst of stocking up for the occasions...Below are some pics of my dad's latest merchandise...we got BB Damien to model them...check it out!

Damien in SongKok

Damien looking at the imitation gold that Ah Gong is selling

Damien in "Tudung"

Aiyo..Ah Moi, you cantik nia....

My ang mo kia and Windati kaka


Ong Mei said...

we love ming zian kueh also lor, can we have some also. I suggest next time bring him to chinatown, maybe u can put the chinese "cap" on him sure look charming.

michievious said...

So funny hahha Damien with those wigs.

mag said...

i think there still lots of wigs mm can try. maybe next time we go to the shop we will let him try more heehee.

im sure he will be dashing in sam's wedding. by than he will be able to sit up well. looking towards to that day.