Saturday, August 16, 2008

My First Potty / Tam Pui / Ti Kang

My MIL starts to potty train Damien last far no success with it yet...he starts to throw tantrum after like 5mins on the potty...hehehee....My MIL always tell me Damien has a bad temper....but i told her it's not's that Damien got Character....hohohoho :p

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mag said...

good in tokyo now.jus finished wtci china whack sin in table tennis.

well bh indeed looks very cute in his little sure its matter of time he will get used to it.malaysian loves to train baby using tp cos not only it will save on diapers but also good for baby;grown up already.

terrible weather here non stop raining. do you want to follow me for flight. hopefully im roster for houston like jen cop.

got one fs bought lots of diapers back.he said cheap but after i compare $$ about the same as sin.

20aug is the day we will hv better understanding on his eye condition. really pray hard for him.cant wait to go back to kiss him deep deep again. love always.