Sunday, August 10, 2008

Singapore National Day '08

Yesterday was Singapore 43rd Birthday. Feeling patriotic, i decided to dress Damien and myself up in red and white (colours of the Singapore Flag) before heading to the temple and then to my mum's place to watch the NDP.

S.I.N.G.A.P.O.R.E GOooooooooo Singapore......

"We have a vision for tomorrow......"

My Rolls Royce

"Mummy, pls dun kiap my armpit can?"

"Oiu jiu jiu, dun lay on my tummy ...not funny okie"

Just me and myself :)


mag said...

he looks really cute wit short sleeve.geram him stil dark and early here.time passes fast and soon ill be chki out.jus cant wait2get home2geram him..

Ong Mei said...

Really cannot stand both you couple. Wife write blog hubby replied wife. so sweetzz....
To avoid my unbalance, I shall add comments. U win liao. Your "merc" look so posh also not use, government still will charge u road tax and petrol still remain that high. By the way you can consider to take this pic to competition as the most cutest Singapore baby. I, this Ah Yi will keep a look out any contest will help him partipate. (Dont believe u ask Aunty Ginger) which i help her previously. (u must know me I am the most kapo aunty in the world, my world is as big as amk).

After writing this blog feel like creating a blog for myself. u know I always like to complaint, government, bosses and gossip abt others to avoid that I being caught i shall stick to your blog, leave my comments so that not easy to get caught,(smart right??)

PS: Dear diamien, you are really forunate to born in this family. With so much care and happiness. Grow up must pay back them ok, I know ur mummy like diamond, hehe... happy famiy!!!