Thursday, January 22, 2009

Unlucky Day

Yesterday was really an unlucky day for me :(
On my way to work, in a jam packed train, i was standing infront of a student whom i know will get off at Yio Chu Kang station...when she got off her seat and when i was about to take her seat, an indian lady swooped in and took the seat and she still can look at me and my tummy nonchalantly....#*?Q&#**?$#87$ blood started to boil...i kept telling myself to keep my cool....then when i reached harbourfront, the escalator broke down and i had to climb the long flight of steps (i can't find the lift) damn long...when i reached the top, i was panting and grasping for air and my legs felt like jelly.....

Now, on my way home, i fell down....yep, i fell...all fours sprawling on the knee and my elbows hurt like hell coz i used them to shield my tummy from the make things worse, i fell infront of my condo unglam...luckily, bb is ok....( i haven't tell my hubby yet coz sure will kena scolding from him one for being so careless and CLUMSY...)

When i reached home, still in shock, i told yayuk that i wanted to bring mien to my dad's shop...Qi was having tuition so i told yayuk to stay at home with her whilst i bring mien out..Mien played and played and laughed and laughed at my dad's shop....he played so much until he "harm bin"...yayuk and myself had to pacify and soothe him back to sleep...he finally settled down close to then, i'm like damn stone liao...a lesson for more playing after 8pm :(


mag said...

well 1st of all i wont scold u cos nobody like to be scolded for smthi that is beyond our ctr. told u many times alre sm ppl are jus plain idiot in mrt. thats why smthi hv2b thick skin.pls do be very careful cos bb getti bigger.stay focus whenever ur outside.nvm of yesterday it as a wake up more palying for apk after 6pm.if he is playing mood jus ignore him and he will settle down.tried that many times already.pls dont bring apk out alone next time cos if anythi happen(touch wood)nobody can help both of u rite.anyway chki out in few hrs time.ill lecture apk for being so playful and caused everyone worried for him.

mag said...

condo basement smtm can be very wet + slipery. do be very careful ok cos even ah yuk almost fall before.dont rush and plan way ahead.