Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Nian Chu 2"

Nian Chu 2 was spent going to my mum's place in the morning for breakie, then to the airport to fetch my was my first time to nice, bright and spacious...then we were off to my granny's place to bai nian...we went back to my mum's place after granny's place coz we have friends and relatives popping by in the evening...before they came, hubby and i brought the children down for a dip in the pool...the water was so fantastic.....what a HECTIC day!

My children and me @ T3

Qi & Damien with their Jiu Jiu

Qi & Damien with their Dayi

Me and my Daddy in matching outfits

Damien wishing his lao ma "Sheng ti Zian Kang"

Mummy, it's your fave LV bag leh

Nicole Ahyi & Damien

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