Monday, July 4, 2011

It's July 2011..and i'm back :)

Hi has been almost a year now since i last posted an entry in my blog...oh gosh! how times little ones are now 3 and 2...

Just got back from Bali (our favourite vacation destination) last evening...and is still on leave today so i thought that i should start blogging again...the weather there is really glorious and even though it was just a short getaway, we had a blast...yes...even with 2 young ones in tow, we had heaps of may catch some of the picture that i have uploaded in FB :)

Life now is pretty much routine for me's still work for me at Future Electronics after dropping off my 2 kiddos at school every morning and dashing to pick them up after work ;p
It's much easier when hub is off from flight duties as he takes over this duty :)

I will be turning 32 this wednesday and nope..there is still no bun in the oven yet..hahahaha!

Take care and have a good week ahead :)


Red Blogger said...

Sorry to intrude ... just taking a look at other peoples blogs for inspiration (and maybe some followers, visitors and even 'clickers' on my ads - there's some useful stuff there) !!!

thomaru said...

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Subhopriyo Bhattacharya said...

I loved your blog...You have got beautiful kids!! I liked the family pics!

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