Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today is such a soaring hot hub and myself brought Ms. hotie and Mr. not-so hotie down to the pool for a quick dip, just before hub's flight to Paris :) Forgotten to bring my cam down so did not managed to take any pics of the kids in action...esp. Debbie in her new swimsuit...hub says i'm one big vainpot coz he doesn't understand why i must let Debbie wear pink bangles with the swimsuit...nothing wrong rite!!!??? M.E.N!!!!!

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Ong Mei said...

Dear Pinky mummy

seem like u must be busy preaparing ge ge bday party.. no pic no words no complaint lately...

anyway just to drop by to wish

Mien happy happy bday, cheers!
PS: Big boy now, need any "tips" to anger/piss ur mummy pls let me know let u my manual... haha....