Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fast Lane

Hi there, yes i know that it has been ages that you guys have hear from this is going to be a long one :)

Recently, i felt that my body is's like my life is always in the fast lane and i'm getting all exhausted and breathless...i guessed that, as always, i tried to do too many things at one time and pushed my body too hard...and the worst part is, i didn't eat and sleep well...i've truly truly neglected myself :(...i don't feel "healthy" at know what i mean? So, my resolution for this month of April onwards is to take GOOD care of eat and sleep well, to exercise, to purch out all the negative learn to take a backseat from work and enjoy my time with my darlings and most importantly, to put aside time for "MYSELF" :) Well, i felt better already, having put all these down.

Work wise, things are just not the same buddy, Yeyng, will be moving over to BPP in a week time, taking over the role of a Business Development Manager...i mean i'm happy for her but i'm going to miss her greatly (Buddy, do u feel my love?)...She is a wonderful wonderful friend and colleague who covered me when i went for my long leave and maternity joke ok!...our initial plan was to have her cover me when i went on my maternity for my 3rd one...hmmmmm...i guessed her tank ran out of oxygen :p Anyway, i just want to let her know that i really appreciate her and i'm going to miss her sitting next to me (*gossiping in-between our shitty work*) and encouraging one another when the tough gets going...All the best to you, gal :)

After the move to Tampines, things are just different at work and i can't help to feel a little bit's like, with a new environment and a new boss, everyone ever pragmatic hubby said that it's a good thing coz then we will be more on top of our work and improve...yeah...maybe the changes are good for us :) but i'm not too sure if it's for me (*think! think!*)

On the home front, my 3 babies are generally doing boy will be turning 2 tomorrow (we just got back from a pre-celebration @ momsie)...Qi is getting closer to her siblings now...of course there are still a fair share of complaints, shouting matches and i guess it's part n parcel of growing up's really nice to see them together...yes yes...even when they are angry with each other...hehehe...Debbie is one tough cookie...even though she looks like hubby, she HAS my CHARACTER...STUBBORN and FIERCE...i mean it's really serious business when she's angry...and she will not hesitate to let the whole world knows that she has her tiny tail stepped's my Debbie @ 10mths now :)

What can i say about hubby except that he's THE best :) i really enjoyed the time he is around...then i can put up my feet and enjoy the shortlived freedom that i have...hahahaha...he would trade off his fish farms visits or watching football matches with taking care of the kids anytime (of course, sometimes with me nagging at the sideline)...but the thing is, he will do that for me loh...sweet hor :) he can change diapers, make milk, feed the babies, bring them down for their daily walks etc etc...that's my daddy nanny or nanny daddy :)

That's all's going to be a long night for me as i'll be logging in to work on leave tmr coz it's the BOSS b'day :)

P/S: Happy B'day Damien, mummy luvs you heaps :)


Ong Mei said...

Finally finally, I'm not alone..

Everytime when paid in, had to pay all the "debts" and left not much.

Keep asking myself why working so hard and in return "so little".

Tend to compare with ourselves when u are "down".

Body keep fighting however in the end u are always the "loser"

Always pushing ourselves to our limit wanting to be the "perfect" subordinate and gf.. but failed...

I guess FAILURE is my nick now..

Well, life is always like that, puting us to a test..

I dont know I can stay how long.. but together with my friends and family i belive i can pull thru..

Right Raquel??

PS: All the best to YY, we will miss u...

Let sing a song

Happy Bday to u Happy BDay to u
Happy bday to Damein, happy bday to u.. huat ah 9510 !!!

^_^ Yiying ^_^ said...

I will miss you too... It's been coming to 3 yrs since i join Future. Thought i won't last that long initially but guess it's really you gals that made a difference in my working life. I'm really grateful for the friendship that we can have... All the laughter, the encouragement, the advices, the 'zapping'... hahaha...
Pls don't forget me ok?! I will be more than happy to join you gals for birthday celebrations, farewell parties (maybe??) or simply just hanging together. :)
I'm really proud of my buddy for the way she has been juggling between work and family. I know it's not easy and i must say that she has fought a good fight and has been very strong for her family and kids through all the ups and downs.
We can never be perfect but we can be the best we want to be! It's a blessing for me to cross paths with you gals and be more than just colleagues. Love you lots!!

Aunty Ginger said...

Ay people, don't sound so sad ley. Ah Mei, put aside the negative thoughts. Its the thinking that kills. Just keep thinking you are great, and you will be. The other day me at customer place... the one at Yishun... line down, they asking how to save them. I say no choice, just got to keep expediting. Then the funniest question they ask me, how can I still managed to smile at a time like this?

That's when I realise, yah, i was smiling all the time when I talked to them. Whahahahaha! I mean... what else can I do? I already done what I humanly can... humanly is the words, cause I am no witch or fairy that can do wonders.

don't thinlk too much lah, I'll bring you more cheezecake, and we can continue to mms yeyng the photos of us eating the cake. Zap her for jilting us. :>

Love you all! Muah!

Raquel Ang ~ Damien's & Debbie's Mummy said...

Love you gals too! *muah muah*