Saturday, November 22, 2008

2nd Wedding Anniversary

Today is my hubby and my 2nd wedding times flies....2 years liao....Damien is almost 8months old liao....Just want to tell my hubby that i really appreciate what he has done for the family....and he is really a good husband + father...always trying to give the best to the family...I know that sometimes when i'm too wrapped up in Damien's affairs that i forget to tell him: "I love U"....i Love you, my dear....may our marriage be blessed with happiness and healthy children....Luv ya :)

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Ong Mei said...

Wah, who is that bride so "pretty" Oops is my mil... Holy shXX! Pretty cheeks, crazy figure and big big eyes.... So envy....

By the way have anyone thought that I had vanished, why so long did not add comments?? Miss me esp my bf Daimen right???

This past few weeks had been a very exhausted weeks for me, going for driving class during weekend, doing household chores, working in late night.. thinking to become millionaire and dont need to wk. (correction should be still working but attitude working).

i really like to take this opp to thank Raquel who is always there for me. I remmeber telling her that driving is very tough she encourage me and said I sure can make it. With her encouragement, I continue and now is more than half way through, thanks pal!!!

She even said once I passed my driving she is giving her ah lao series 7 merc car for me to test out(just kidding)(fil, pls dont get mad)

Coming back to my exhausted weeks, I even rush home to cook for my acutal "bf" for dinner, everyone had been prasing me as a perfect gf. But i wan to tell u esp raquel, NO One is perfect in this world. I know u always wan to be a perfect mummy, wife , daughter and sister. To tell u the true, u are already doing pefectly good (in fact fanastic)... Dont believe ask them.... Dont always put the fault on yourself... Always remember treasure every moments and stay happy and your happy luck will continue stay with u... (is true from thai holy monk words)

Lastly remember last friday when AngelXXXX walk past our lorong and u ask me to see her back and your back. U are not FAT!!! You are most glam than anyone that I had seen so far.. Remember u are the most glamoroust mummy in Alexandra road snd some say MAritime Rd. (so any more credits to me to be ur potential dlg)

Last but not least happy 2nd anniversary to Mr and Mrs Leong.

Happy Family...

Oops I almost forgot thank Marc for your Chewing gums...

I will try my best to post comments as much as possible and most important to cheer everyone up is my duty. :)