Monday, November 24, 2008

Mien Mien @ Ikea

Yesterday, my family and i bought Mien Mien to Ikea (Tampiness)....mum wanted to shop for some CNY stuff, my sis wanted to get a table and chair for her new home and i wanted to get a highchair 4 mien...only $25...a good bargain...jie guo, buy too much and ended up had to return some stuff back to the shelf...gua gua...before we start our shopping, we had our lunch in Ikea...Yayuk and me had the fried chicken and rice....after that, thirsty like anything...we spent the whole afternoon in Ikea and all the while, i was dreaming of the checkout counter, i buay luan i dashed off to queue up for COKE....wahhhhhhhhh...shiok man....

Mummy, what's that?

ohhhh, it's a buaya!!!!

Mummy playing hi5 with me

"Wat's up, dude?"

1 comment:

mag said...

hi hi. in mel. so damn hot here but very glad found the sugar for ginger.
he looks so cute with his gangster post.will geram him deep deep when back. yah u fellows enjoy shopping but $$$burned from your seat on the disney show at indoor stadium.
im sure mm will enjoy the show if he comes along.
like the song in your blog. abit emotional all alone overseas reading it with sentimental music.

ok looking for more cute pic.