Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hot Hot Day

It has been ages since i last posted my entry....I have been swarmed with activities for the last few stuff, Qi's exam etc etc...Seizing the chance when damien is taking his nap and Qiqi over at her granny's place, i reckon that it's high time that i do a little updating....

The weather has been crazy the past few days and it's terribly hot today....Qi's exam is finally over and she's in her holiday mood now...spending all possible minutes in front of the telly, if not, glued to the PC....ohh...forget to mention her latest pastime: chit chatting with her friend on the phone for hours....hehehe...okay lah...on the account that she has been diligently preparing for her exam the past few weeks, i just closed 2 eyes to it and let her enjoy herself...

Damien's lower tooth has officially popped out and he has taken well to porridge...finally....phewww...initially, he hated porridge and WILL only take mee sua, cereal and Heniz pumpkin and sweetcorn was after countless trials (he rejected fish and frog leg porridge) that finally had him grinning when we fed him porridge....both my maid, yayuk and i heaved a sign of relief...Finally, we got it right....We used fresh pork ribs, wolfberries and red dates to make the broil...afterwhich, we used the broil to cook the rice with...YUMMY!....he loves it....wolfberries is good for the eyes and red dates so that he will be ang ge ang ge like that loh....hahahaha...:P

We have also started to bring him down to the pool whenever my hubby is was also after several attempts that he is now comfortable in the water....1st attempt, he began to yell and cry hysterically when the water lapped at his feet...imagine, just water lapping at his feet also cannot....2nd attempt, he allowed us to venture further....that is water touching his bum before he let up his infamous pitch high shrills....3rd, 4th attempt also failed miserably....i nearly gave up...but my hubby persisted and finally, Damien took to the water like a he is comfortable sitting on the pool steps (with half his body submerged) and also when we hold him by his armpit, he is able to float and use his legs to kick out...he loves to use his hand to pat at the water too.....Good Good...coz coming monday, he will be attending his first swimming lesson at the Marsden Swim School (Turf City)...This swim school is operated by Australians. All their instructors are certified by AUSTSWIM and they are qualified to teach infants....i just spoke to Damien's instructor, Jane Marsden the other day and she was telling me that all infant swim classes will be held in their heated pool...hmmmm...this is the selling point for me to sign Damien up....their website: ...So i got his Huggies "Little Swimmers" and his thermal suit ready liao...just need to buy one swimsuit for yayuk so that she can get into the pool with Damien when i become too big...hehehehe...shall update you guys on his progess on Monday...:)

That's all from me darling woke up liao...Ciao :)

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Michelle Ng said...

Damien is the split image of Mag. Mini Mag. hah.