Thursday, December 25, 2008

BB Boy or Girl ???

I have many people coming up to me and says that i'm definately expecting a bb girl this time round...even the canteen auntie selling beehoon in my office building and also those sales staff in the shopping mall...they just took one look at my tummy and said:" it's a bb girl...."....they sounded so absolute and confident...hahaha...if you ask my hubby....he will says that this one is definately a boy...he is also very confident and wants to bet with me too...hehehe...

As for me...i thank god for his grace and gift....i am already blessed with such a lovely and healthy bb boy for Damien is such a delightful & wonderful child...that i could ask for no more except for a healthy bundle

Will be seeing Dr.Koh this then, i will be abt 19 weeks....should be able to see the bb's sex then....stay tune guys :)....Merry X'mas :)

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Ong Mei said...

All the best, boy or girl does not matter since u already have a daughter and a boy.. Just want to say happy family!!!

anyway can I still join in the bet?