Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy Weekend

The weekend comes and's back to work tomorrow....hubby and i brought the whole family to dad's shop on saturday....we spend the whole day there....Qi loves to be the cashier there and has been asking me the question:" when are we going to ah gong's shop again? tomorrow? next week?".......mum cooked sambal fish cake and mei chai kou rou for dinner....yummy :)

Hubby went for flight this morning (London) and will be back only on Thursday :( Has been raining the whole day.....Qi and me just reached home from a day of sis, jen, called and suggested that we go shop shop in Taka for my younger sis's i left Damien and Yayuk at home and brought Qi along.....

We went to Wisma, Taka and Forum....everywhere was jam packed with shoppers shopping for X'mas and the traffic was horrible too partly becos of the rain...Jen managed to shop for a sexy black number...woohoo....Qi, a dress from Gap....and Damien, a pair of jeans and polo collar shirt from Polo smart leh....wait till i try it on for Damien....then i take pictures and post on the blog...hehehe....for myself...Nothing....i cannot find anything i like....guess i have to shop around in AMK hub one of these days....

Guess, i didn't spend a single cent....everything was paid for by my darling sis....she insisted that she pay for everything....from the sumptuous lunch & dinner...drinks....clothes....petrol....and everything la....i feel so bad coz most of the stuff are for the kids....but she told me to let her pay coz i will be out of job sis very nice hor :)

Ah Gong and ah ma with the grandchildren

Ah ma with Damien


mag said...

hi bb. in london. windy + cold + wet=typical lhr weather. really happy to see qi likes going to the shop and your parents enjoy her companion too. thx for buying stuffs for the children. too bad the chinese costume i got from shanghai doesnt fit mm. otherwise he will surely looks super cute.

looking fwd to sam's wedding. take care and see you guys soon.

Ong Mei said...

suddenly i realised mien mien look like his ah ma..

by the way any present for me, i dont might diamond??