Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Papa Papa

When i reached home from work today, my hubby greeted me excitedly at the door with:" Damien knows how to call papa papa already!" Qi and Yayuk echo behind my hubby, " yes yes....he knows how to call papa papa already!" I'm so excited and i kept on asking them whether did they hear correctly or maybe it's just Damien's baby talking....Yayuk told me it's positive and mien can pronounce papa quite well...i can see my hubby face swelled with pride....

It happened in the afternoon when my hubby reached home from flight...he was in the study room when Qi ran inside and tell my hubby that mien is calling," papa papa papa papa..."....my hubby ran out to the living room and true enough, he heard him....i think my hubby sure happy until cannot sleep tonight :)

This is one of his "first time" that i missed again :(

After a long chat with Michelle and hubby, i have decided that i will resign from my work and be a full-time mum until the 2nd one comes along....only then, i will return to the workforce....as much as i love my current job and company, we feel that it's the best as too not to have any regrets in future....
I have talked to my boss on this and hopefully i can re-join the company next Sept/09....

Honestly, i am afraid to take this step as this is going to be the first time after 8 years in the workforce, to take such a long break....i asked Michelle like 10 over times how will i be able to spend my time?....how will i be able to adapt?....mentally, i have a long list of tasks waiting to be completed before i deliver bb next May...i have recited the tasks to my hubby.....and my hubby response was short, sweet and sarcastic," i hear first....will see if you can REALLY complete all the tasks..." hehehehe....he really knows me VERY well....anyway, i still must thank him for being so supportive in every decision that i made...even though sometimes i feel like wringing his neck...hehehe....once, i'm officially a full-time mum, he will convey the title " Minister of Home Affairs" to me....not bad hor....still have allowance leh....hehehe :p i'm going to feed my boy liao. Goodnight & Ciao!


Michelle Ng said...

Serious? Damien can call papa? Wow my Xan oni know how to say GER. hahaha... but i shld be happy he said ger not boy. If boy then i headache liao. whahahhaha

mag said...

well hearing him call pa papapap really makes my day. it was ah qi that informed me after i came home. im sure very soon he will be able to call ma ma ma..

mag said...

im sure you will find things to do after you quit and as long as you are happy ill surely support you. too bad you are unseparatable wit ah pui kia. otherwise ill surely bring you with me on flight.
do you kn mm mite be made in bali and the up coming bb made in sin heehee..maybe the 3rd one can make in paris or new york.
another sacrifice by mama rakki-quiting her job for babies. next time when they grow up they better visit this blog often to remind them how great their lou bu was.
love ya.pls keep the pic coming and thx for tki care of family when im not in town.

Ong Mei said...

Hi Raquel,

This round had to be very serious comment. When i know your are leaving us, I amm really very very sad. First is Rene, then Chris and now u. I know we will still keep in contact but someone without in office the wont be anyone else for me to "sour" then my life will be miserable.

Anyway i know u left for good. Hence did not persuade u further, i respect your decision and moral support you, financally support will be your hubby.

I am counting the days to be your "neighbour" in fact I already had plan to give u a memorable last day gift.. As usual pls remember to bring extra clothes and undergrament.

So excited!!!!