Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sam's Guo Da Li - 21/Dec/08

Last sunday was my xiaomei's Guo Da Li....counting down....3 more days to her excited :) I took half-day leave on Monday to finalise my shopping for my sis wedding...managed to get everything i wanted....Qi already got a dress from GAP...but i saw a dress from LifeShop and could not resist myself...jie guo buy for her....and i also managed to get mien's shoes from LifeShop and my hubby shirt and tie from for myself, i bought a tube dress from River Island...a dress that i have been looking for and it's on sales SATISFYING...even my hubby was happy with my purchase :)

Bride & Groom

My sis & her hubby with her parents-in-law

My parents with Sam & William

Everyone except me and mien coz we cannot be present during the ceremony coz will we stayed in my mum's room until the ceremony is over...

Sam with her "Shi Dian Jin"
The dress my gal is going to wear to my sis's wedding dinner
My boy's attire to the wedding dinner :)

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Ong Mei said...

Congrat to Sam.... So how should we address you Mrs XXX? Can see you happiness shown on your face.

Wah, Qi dress is so nice... I am sure she will be the centre of the attraction in that night, can your mummy to stand a side...

Of cos, my bf clothes also look stylo..

Hope everyone enjoy the day take more pictures and keep all the sweet memory...