Monday, December 8, 2008

Damien's Eye Lasik - 04/Dec/08

Dr. Quah recommended eye lasik for on the 04/Dec/08, we checked Damien in (KK) for his eye lasik...Dr. Quah advised that he be hospitalised for a night just in case if there is any complications...initially, i was to be the one who was going to stay overnight with Damien as only 1 parent was allowed...but my hubby insisted that the whole family be beside Damien to give him we booked a Ronald McDonald room in KK so that the whole family can stay overnight is really great that KK has this Ronald McDonald room as it really means alot to have your family around during this period...

My darling boy was an angel going through this without much of a fuss and he was able to sleep thru the night...i was telling my husband the night before that mien might woke up at 5am to sing the national anthem and thus woke the whole ward up....heng...he didn't :)

He is recovering well from his lasik and is already up and about on the 2nd day...thank you dears for all your prayers....:)

"Mi C" taking Damien's blood pressure

Qi with her Didi in Ronald McDonald Room before her shower

Didi don't be scared okie....jie jie is here

A prayer before his lasik

Ronald McDonald right...only $48 a night...really like a hotel room


mag said...

hi dear. in pvg exe lounge. glad th mm went thru e lasik smoothly. even thou it was abit stressful that day but bcos we were all together it was not so bad after all.
i guess evryone played their part-qi:keep our stress focus away fr mm bcos we need to look after her and lucky she behave herself and ay yuk played more of the supporting role helping out here and there.
It was tough on you sleeping on the uneven mattress beside mm bed but im sure nobody can make separate you fr our ah pui kia.
so overall im very glad that we chk in and chk out fr kk happily:ALL THX TO THE GREAT MUMMY.i was very sure everything will be arranged sui sui by you after i touch down that day. even my clothes to chg all packed by writting all this down cos one day when mm grows up that he will know how much you have done for him.
love ya lou poh.

Ong Mei said...

as usual both of u sweet talk with one another living on your own world. so sweet and so envy.. hereby wish u happy family....