Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Upcoming Events.....

Damien's swimming has ended for the term this week and i have already signed him up for next term which will start on the 05/Jan/09....he is still in the Monday class next chance to move him over to the weekend class as yet....hehhh....the coming weeks will be super hectic for me and my stomach (coz i'll be feasting like crazy)....must constantly remind myself to slow down and not to overdo it....hehehe :)

Tomorrow: Japanese lunch with the gals + Pizza for dinner with my family

19/Dec: Company Lunch

20/Dec: Xandren's Birthday - Michelle promised Shark's Fin...pure one lei...not those frozen type...don't play play...

21/Dec: My xiaomei's Guo Da Li

24/Dec: X'mas eve feast

25/Dec: X'mas day feast

27/Dec: Check-up @ Dr.Koh clinic - hopefully will be able to know bb's gender :) can't wait....hehehe

28/Dec: Xiaomei's wedding - 1st Day

29/Dec: Xiaomei's wedding dinner - 2nd Day

30/Dec: Damien's eye check-up


Ong Mei said...
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Ong Mei said...

u eat better dont complaint to me later, cos at time i feel being your neighbour very poor thing. cos u will say to me" why u didnt stop me from eating" then i will give her "that" kind of face :(
she immediately say sorry to me therefore Mag u have to learn from me cos she is afraid of me. Dont feel pai say cos i will charge u accordingly.

look forward for tmr lunch as this might be our last festive celebration with raquel so sad, ok i will take more pic and get her to post in the blog... but then u all will know who am i, and I wont dare to post comment anymore.. how how in dilema now....???