Sunday, May 24, 2009

10 Days into Confinement

Another 3 weeks to go before i'm out of my "confinement"...actually, i'm enjoying my confinement this time round...duties was delegated - My MIL taking care of all meals and Damien, Yayuk taking care of Damien and Qi is the official playmate for for me, my role is to care for Debbie and rest rest this point, Debbie only drink and sleep, drink and i have been lying on bed watching HK drama series, Rosy Business...very nice leh...only getting up for meals, to feed Debbie and to express milk...hehehe :)

Brought Debbie to her PD the other day, her jaundice is down already...i was relieved...n she had put on 500grams since she was far so good...:)

Oh, i hear Damien waking up from his nap going to sneak out and sayang him...till my next post...ciao ;)

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