Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fish & Co. @ Great World City

Met up with the gals for lunch this afternoon at Fish & Co. to celebrate Nicole's birthday...Happy B'day Nic!

After a heavy lunch, i went shopping AGAIN...oh my...i'm fast running out of $$$ liao...i spent like an hour at Mothers Work browsing and selecting a few stuffs for my precious...then i'm off to FOX bb, getting them some clothes too...aiyo aiyo...luckily, hub is outstation and will be back only tomorrow...he is def going to scream at me this time liao...wait a min...he's going to read this when he read my blog...hehehe...hub, pls dun nag at me okie...this is going to be my last shopping spree for awhile okie :p

Birthday Gal - Nicole

Fish&Co. B'day Rap & Song for Nicole...Nice!

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Ong Mei said...

Mdm ang, you very smart hide behind me so that u dont look "big" in the picture right, u see you cunning face in the pic..