Saturday, May 30, 2009

Home Alone

Hub brought the whole family san me and Debbie to AquaRama @ Suntec's a once every 2 year event and being a enthusiastic "fish fan", hub is very excited...let's see what he is going to lug back from the fair today...undoubtly, some kind of motor for his tank or feed/vitamins/supplements for his fishes...i'm not complaining coz it's a healthy hobby to know what i mean ;p...hehehe :0

So me being still under confinement and Debbie are home alone...the hse is kinda quiet without my Damien robust screams and grumbling...Debbie is in Zzzzzland after her bath and feed and will not be up for another 2hrs i think...i don't really miss going out coz the weather is terribly hot...i'm quite comfortable at home in my shorts and singlet top (my MIL gave the green light) and i get to shower too (i mean + wash hair also) i'm not complaining....hehehe :) The only hard part is my sore nipples...Debbie is very poor in latching i have to express my milk out every 3hrly for her feed...the sight of my breast pump will gimme goosebumps...but no choice's good stuff for her...both my Ds are fast milk drinker...both can fin their milk under 10mins...but when it comes to burping, Debbie takes ages...

Okie, i'm going back to my HK drama series...tata!

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