Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2nd time round

This time round, being in confinement and caring for a newborn seems to be so much easier as compared to when i was having Damien...perhaps it's becoz i already know what to expect :)...My MIL is also quite lenient with me...she didn't scold me when i wore spaghetti top at home...haha...Hub told me that it's becos he already pre-empt my MIL to just let me do what i want this period...haha...he is really my hero...The hardest part during this period is of course not able to carry and play with my boy becos of my C-Sec wound :( ...Can't wait for my wound to heal.

My breastmilk is slowly coming in...when there is demand, there will be for the past few days, i've been latching Debbie on and expressing my milk every 3hrly...this is to stimulate more milk, i'm able to express 150ml each session liao...yipee!...but expressing the milk is no what Michelle said, have to get up in the middle of the night and stared at the pump while it start to express milk with the loud compressing sound....soash! soash! soash!...hahaha...

Hub has lived up to his promise to care for Damien this period when i'm out of action...he has been bringing Damien swimming, to the library, to the fish shop and even to TimeZone...hahaha...can u believe it? hahaha...he is really my hero....
I have taken plenty of photos of Qi and Damien with Debbie...but is too lazy to download them into my lappie...will do that and post them on my blog when i have the mood...stay tunes guys!

Am going to see Dr.Koh tmr to remove my stitches...Hub say bringing me to eat toast bread and go salon wash hair...yeah!....okie, i'm going to slp liao...Gdnitz :)

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