Monday, May 4, 2009


Damien's wound is almost healed...i didn't know that this medicated oilment, Zam-Buk, is so effective for bruises and abrasions...thanks to Pamela :)

Just got back from the supermarket with 3 cans of Enfagrow Stage 3...My boy is officially on it time flies!..these few days, my MIL and I have been catching him standing on his own...i think it will be soon that he will be walking...since my MIL arrival last week, i have been taking a back seat and letting her and yayuk run the show...she is more "xi xin" than me loh when it comes to caring for little Damien...she very effort leh...preparing yummy and nutritious porridge for him and she has been feeding him heaps of veggies and fruits too...all along, i thought that my son doesn't like vegs and fruits...hehehe...i think it's that he doesn't like how i prepared it la...he can whack half an apple now and also finished up a bunch of broccoli...hehehe :)

I have also been making trips to the library...Been borrowing books from the series "Snuggletime" for Damien...he loves it loh...for myself, i am currently reading "The Breastfeeding Book" from Sears and Sears...Michelle effortly brought it over for me the other's a great book...i hope to finish before i deliver next week...

Till the next update...Ciao :)

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Michelle Ng said...

Yeah i swear by zambuk too.